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Insert for Western Legends

Supports all existing expansions as for November 2021 including KS bonuses and Promo.

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Brand: Kalkared
68,27 € 63,32 € 72,47 € from 63,32 € 56,42 € excl. VAT 52,33 € excl. VAT 59,89 € excl. VAT from 52,33 € excl. VAT
Category: Inserts for Board Games
? Netto Weight [g]: 950
? Card Tray [mm]: 49,5 x 72 (Diamond Azure), 68,5 x 93 (Diamond GREEN), 74,5 x 123 (Diamond Pink)
? Box [mm]: 388 x 268 x 76
  • Compatible with Western Legends (2018)

  • Supports Ante Up, Blood Money, Man in Black, Wild Bunch of Extras, Fistful of Extras and The Good, the Bad and the Handsome

  • Supports card sleeves with 80 microns thickness (FFG, Mayday, Diamond, Paladin, Board Game Sleeves, etc.).
    • Considering the small sized cards: Developers has decided to use non standard size for these small cards but we made space for cards with standard sleeves of maximum size 48,5mm wide and 72mm tall.
  • Insert is made of 39 pieces of trays and boxes
    • 1 x Main box for miniatures and player components
    • 1 x Tray for Story cards with spot for actual stories
    • 1 x Tray for equipment and goal cards
    • 3 x Tray for Fight, Train and Trader cards
    • 5 x Tray for common parts 
    • 1 x Tray for Deeds, Injury and Event cards
    • 1 x Box for Random Store and Legendary Eq. cards
    • 1 x Tray for Black Man and Bandits cards
    • 1 x Envelope for reserve poker cards
    • 1 x Tray for Poker cards
    • 1 x Tray for Pose and Character cards
    • 1 x Box for Big story cards
    • 1 x Tray for Bills
    • 7 x Cardboard tokens holders
    • 2 x Tray for Cardboard tokens holders or Poker Chips with 32mm diameter
    • 3 x Shop Display for General Store, Trading Post and Traveling Trader
    • 8 x Standee for Shop Displays
  • Alternativně je možné si objednat verzi pro pokerové žetony - Nelze kombinovat s původními žeton


  • It is possible to store game vertically with this accesory as long as the lid is tight shut and you own Ante Up expansion.

  • Material: PETG (is not affected by UV light or embrittlement in time and has higher stiffness unlike usual PLA). Printed with Light brown. If you have a special request and want to have your insert in a different color, contact us first please.

  • Most of our products are printed on order and manufacture time is taking around 2 weeks. We are keeping in stock only the most buyed items, more in ABOUT US.

  • Colors of parts can be very often different than in reality for prototype reasons but there sill applies the rules about Standard colors.

  • Original components of the game and card sleeves in photos are only for purpose of presentation and showcase of distribution and they are not part of delivery.

  • This is not an officially licenced product.

  • Declaration of Comformity, Manual and Layout of components can be found on THIS page.
  • Goods are Built to Order and cannot be returned within the statutory 14 day period.
  • Card Sleeves (protects cards against wearing, tearing and also greasy fingers - conserves the value of your game)
    • If you own all previously mentioned expansions you will need the following number and type of packs available in our store and directly here in Related menu.
      • 6 x Diamond Azure: European Mini (45x68 mm)
      • 3 x Diamond Green: Standard (63,5x88 mm)
      • 1 x Diamond Pink: Tarot (70x120 mm)
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SG Avatar of author | 24/07/2023
Great insert, all my expansions in the same core box and the elements are perfectly organized to start playing without too much complication.
DP Avatar of author | 01/04/2022
Excellent product. It makes setup and tear down a breeze, saves a lot of space, and the components look great on the table. I especially like the clever little solutions, like the option to display the current event or travelling trader cards vertically in their tray. Highly recommended.
T Avatar of author | 22/11/2021
velice povedený insert, obsahující i obchodní stanici pro nabídku karetr (podporuje obalené karty) a kompatibilní se všemi rozšířeními, opravdu stojí za to, doporučuji
MS Avatar of author | 12/11/2021
Great quality, smart layout. I really like the General store, because the original paper one cannot hold the sleeves and this one yes! Additionally you can use little bit bigger sleeves and the insert holds them too :)