Curent manufacture line approximately 4 weeks long!

About Kalkared

Some History

Twas summer of 2018 and the speed our house got filled with new board games went beyond reason. We had to start cull our games and when something was not played for long time or game just did not met the expected vibe, it had to go. And I was sorry for all the games which had to go like that, it was not fair! We had some first inserts from Folded Space or Feldherr so we knew the benefit of what insert can do for your game.

Feldherr was absolute turndown from the very beginning. Their foam solution is good for minies but there is no other space for oher components and for example Blood Rage got simply lid raised for 70mm up above normal if you had also expansions nd original KS stuff.

Folded Space always was and fine solution. Cheap and boys know their game so the insert even make sence and has some fine details. I got bothered in time that I have to glue them, got still the same boring color and in the end they fill too much space in box which could be used better for other expansions.

Inserts made by game developers are simply useless piece of plastic in 99% of cases.

In meantime I already had made for myself extremely expensive insert for complete Firefly board game. Thinking back it is something no sane person would ever buy or wanted for that amount of money (plenty of wood and aluminium box).

And then in my old job was 3d printing new hot topic a we could saw it’s growing influence in industry. As a Design engineer making a machines I was sceptical about the the quality of printed materials and accuracies because to use it in industry is not so clear and obvious.

Anyway, it was the time when my old Sid’s Civilization was for no use at home because the game was made of dozens of bags and setup or clean up time were beyond any patience. And it had even some expansions! So I snaped and said “there is no space for this!"

So I bought my first printer. I looked alot on web for a different kind of inserts yet they never met my perfectionism so I designed my own Civ insert. And that was also the last time | was searching on web for any other insert.

Now it was all about discovering what is printer capable of. I was printing from PLA as anyone else. It looked good and there was plenty of colors to choose from for a reasonably cheap money. You could see that PLA is not that much of a rigid material when there are only thin walls (and you would not dare to let one hundred kilograms heavy guy to stand on it as with PETG).

And then it started swiftly. I focused on games with a plenty of expansions which are not necessary because everything can fit into the core box. Root, Scythe, Fallout, and also Twilight Imperium with Prophecy of Kings.


Curent Status

  • We are running with 5 printers (with 3 new on the way) and we are able to make 2 usual inserts per day. Nothing extra yet still something. This of course means that we are limited how fast we can deliver our products to you. If there will be any meantimes, we are focusing on manufacturing tose most demanded products se we can say they are In Stock. Those less common will be made After ordering. This can take up to 2 to 4 weeks. We are small team of 2 people and this is still mainly a hobby and not full business plan.


Future Plans

  • Plan is to expand a make the full time job out of it so we can provide the best possible inserts on the market.
  • Since more than half of our clients are not from Czech Republic or Slovakia, we are curently translating whole shop to english s we can provide everyone full quality service and hopefully in future to pay even with Euros.
  • Products will be systematically added no matter if the new ones or those from curent Youtube portfolio.
  • Inserts are not the only thing we can do so there will be more and more tools from all kinds of industry.
  • Same is with the Comission works which you are able to order. It does not have to only gaming industry but also whole engineering for one purpose machines for different kind of industry as for example automotive is.


Other projects which we can offer while they still did not get in to our shop for some reason (mostly time) :)

Najdete je v playlistu na Youtube kanále Kalkared a je možné je po domluvě objednat přes práci na zakázku (takový produkt pak obvykle přidáme i do shopu)

7th Continent - All in
Alchymisté + Golem
Architekti západního království + rozšíření
Arkham Horror LCG Core box + Expansion Modules
Carcassonne + všechna rozšíření
Civilizace: Desková hra + Sláva a bohatství + Wisdom and Warfare
Civilization: New Dawn + Terra Incognita
Dark Souls: Board Game
Dune + budoucí rozšíření frakcí
Hrdina v kostce + Bestiář
Jízdenky prosím - US, Evropa a Londýn v jednom
Krvavý trůn
Legendy západu + všechna rozšíření
LOTR: Journeys in Middle Earth + rozšíření
Marvel Champions
Marvel United
Monster Slaughter KS edice + Underground
Planetarium + Primordial
Pustina + rozšíření
Rallyman GT - KS Allin
Robinson + rozšíření Ztracené město
Scythe v Legendary Box
Small World + mnoho rozšíření
Studená válka
Teotihuacan + 3 rozšíření
Tiny Epic Dinosaurs
Twilight Imperium 4. edice + Prophecy of Kings
Tzolk'in + rozšíření
Vikomti Západního království
War of the Ring + 2 rozšíření s místem pro 3.