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Insert for Lords of Hellas

Compatible with all expansions except the Mounted Heroes. 

Build to Order
Code: 948
Brand: Kalkared
101,70 € 84,05 € excl. VAT
Category: Inserts for Board Games
Weight: 1.99 kg
? Filament Color: Black (BLK), Blue (BLU), Brown (BRW), Green (GRN), Red (RED), Violet (VLT), Yellow Bright (YLWB)
? Netto Weight [g]: 750 to 1750
? Card Tray [mm]: 46 x 68 (Diamond Red), 49,5 x 72 (Diamond Azure), 68,2 x 93 (Diamond GREEN)
? Box [mm]: 287 x 287 x 100, 294 x 294 x 150
  • Compatible with Lords of Hellas (2017)

  • Supports Warlord Box, City of Steel, Lord of the Sun and Atlas

  • All expansions can be stored in Core boxu (game components) and Warlord box (miniatures)
    • Note to the components layout: Core insert part is not suitable to hold miniatures of monsters and monuments from the core box. With this insert they are stored in Warlord box. Please see the video to fully undestand how it works.
  • Supports card sleeves with 80 microns thickness (FFG, Mayday, Diamond, Paladin, Board Game Sleeves, etc.).

  • You can choose from following options:
    • Core Box
      • 5 x Tray for big cards
      • 1 x Tray for small cards and Glory tokens
      • 6 x Box for player components
      • 1 x Box for Temples, muses and Pandora's Box
      • 1 x Box for heroes, Oracle, Atlas's Stone and other tokens
    • Warlord Box
      • 1 x Box for Kronos
      • 1 x Box for Atlas
      • 1 x Box for Monuments of Hades, Apollo, Hephaesto and Poseidon
      • 1 x Box for Monuments of  Zeus, Athena and Hermes
      • 2 x Box for City miniatures
      • 4 x Box for Monster miniatures 



  • It is possible to store game vertically with this accesory as long as the lid is tight shut.

  • Material: PETG (is not affected by UV light or embrittlement in time and has higher stiffness unlike usual PLA). Printed with Standard color. If you have a special request and want to have your insert in a different color, contact us first please.

  • Most of our products are printed on order and manufacture time is taking around 2 weeks. We are keeping in stock only the most buyed items, more in ABOUT US.

  • Colors of parts can be very often different than in reality for prototype reasons but there sill applies the rules about Standard colors.

  • Original components of the game and card sleeves in photos are only for purpose of presentation and showcase of distribution and they are not part of delivery.

  • This is not an officially licenced product.

  • Declaration of Comformity, Manual and Layout of components can be found on THIS page.
  • Goods are Built to Order and cannot be returned within the statutory 14 day period.
  • Card Sleeves (protects cards against wearing, tearing and also greasy fingers - conserves the value of your game)
    • If you own all previously mentioned expansions you will need the following number and type of packs available in our store and directly here in Related menu.
      • 1 x Diamond Azure: European Mini (45x68 mm)
      • 3 x Diamond Green: Standard (63,5x88 mm)
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E Avatar of author | 31/10/2023
Excellent insert. Fits perfectly and stores everything nicely in 2 boxes (core and warlord boxes). in my opinion the best Storage Solution on the market for Lords of Hellas. Fast Production / delivery and good communication.
IK Avatar of author | 09/06/2023
Kalkared is the only provider who sells inserts for Lords Of Hellas with you can place all expansions in the Core Box and in the Warlord Box. Moreover you do not have to assemble it. Maximum you need to watch a video to learn which insert goes where. The quality is good I am fully satisfied with that. One remark: The Sleeved cards barely fit in their places (even with using Pandora's box holder) so you must be careful not to use too wide, too long or too high quality sleeves. E.g.: the old FFG grey sleeves are too long for the card boxes, and the very high quality Dragon Shield sleeves (Classic matte) are too thick for them. However at the end with a little playing with the boxes I managed to place all cards using Dragon Shield, but the boxes are totally full. All in all I only can recommend to anyone this insert.
AT Avatar of author | 20/01/2023
As always: Kalkared productions are of the best quality. Everything has a spot in the insert and fits well. I have EVERYTHING for Lords of Hellas, and it all fits in both the original box and the warlord box. Only two very minor issues: Zeus' lightning whip has to be bent *slightly* to fit. For those that have this game, you know that it is all kinds of misshapen from the factory, so this isn't a big deal. Another god figure has a sword that bends a little bit at the end to fit. Only other issue is that sleeved cards BARELY fit. There is definitely compaction, and even the reserve card holder will be full. Still fits, though. Once again, as always: I would definitely recommend Kalkared over any other insert.
Z Avatar of author | 18/03/2022
Really impressed with this insert. The design, organization, and print quality are all top notch. As others have noted, there aren't really many options out there for LoH storage. Not only does this solution provide a space saving option, but it does so with style. I would note that I was also able to fit the mounted heroes and the Nemesis promo in compartments with other miniatures, so I have everything LoH all within the 2 boxes. Thank you Kalkared!
JL Avatar of author | 22/02/2022
Agreed with everyone below…only great solution for LoH all-in (would be top tiered even with other options existed). Only thing to point out is the card holders from the video do not match what I got…two trays were different (trays I got matched the pictures). Also, I was able to sleeve the monster boards/mobilization track (had to the trim 1mm excess off the top of the sleeves) which fit perfectly without a box lift. I used 60 micron sleeves and got all cards including two sets of promos decks into the box with no room to spare)(Prophecy and Determination promos). Wish they engraved the monster/monument names on the trays to help identify what goes where faster (they are stated on the sheet of paper. so, not a guessing game but would be nice to not have to keep that sheet. The Nemesis promo monster “Adrestia” miniature has no place, but fits with Siren. Setup/teardown is significantly easier with this and worth the price.
T Avatar of author | 03/12/2021
Amazing product, condensing all my boxes into the two main ones was a joy to watch! now it only fills 1 kallax square :) I mirror the other reviewers below. This is the only solution on the market for a good all-in insert / setup and tear-down. Well worth it!
AS Avatar of author | 13/11/2021
Great product - there is no full insert on the market for the whole game set, this is the only real solution for storing the whole game in 2 boxes. Quality and design is great, would recommend for everyone!
T Avatar of author | 04/11/2021
Perfektní modulární insert, opět velmi urychluje přípravu a snadno se připravují i jednotlivá rozšíření.