Curent manufacture line approximately 3 weeks long!

Insert for Hegemony

Supports Crisis & Control, Historical Events, metal coins and alternatively poker chips.

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Brand: Kalkared
42,04 € 42,04 € 46,08 € from 42,04 € 50,86 € incl. VAT 50,86 € incl. VAT 55,76 € incl. VAT from 50,86 € incl. VAT
Category: Inserts for Board Games
? Filament Color: Blue (BLU), Gray (GRY), Gray Dark (GRYD), Red Light (REDL), Yellow Bright (YLWB)
? Netto Weight [g]: 600, 700
? Card Tray [mm]: 44,5 x 65,5 (Diamond Yellow), 68,2 x 93 (Diamond GREEN)
? Box [mm]: 289 x 289 x 96
  • Compatible with Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory - Extended Edition (2023)

  • Supports Crisis & Control, Historical Events, metal coins and alternatively poker chips
  • Supports card sleeves with 80 microns thickness (FFG, Mayday, Diamond, Paladin, Board Game Sleeves, etc.)
  • Every faction has it's own specific tray to cover their needs and store components. If you play in less than 4 players game, you can simply put out small yellow box with yellow voting cubes and public companies from state tray. 
  • Insert is made of 21 pieces of trays and boxes
    • 2 x Tray for money – can be replaced with poker chip trays
    • 4 x Box for resources – every box is marked with resouce icon
    • 1 x Box for influence cubes, loan cards and transparent markers
    • 1 x Tray for Historial Events, Crisis, Hidden Agenda and Alternative events
    • 3 x Tray for big automa cards
    • 1 x Tray for small automa cards, priority tokens and bonds
    • 2 x Organizer in red for worker class components
    • 2 x Organizer in blue for capitalist class components
    • 3 x Organizer in yellow for middle class components
    • 2 x Organizer in gray for state components
  • Note to a poker chip tray: This tray can hold up to 80 chips with diameter of 40mm and thickness of 3,4mm. We tried this with Iron Clays from Roxley Games and even if you don't use all of them, you will still have more total value then from original coins.
  • Note to a cloth bag: We decided to store it in Capitalist tray because there was one of the very few empty space.



  • It is possible to store vertically game with this accesory as long as the lid is tight shut.

  • Material: PETG (is not affected by UV light or embrittlement in time and has higher stiffness unlike usual PLA). Printed with Multiple colors. If you have a special request and want to have your insert in a different color, contact us first please.

  • Most of our products are printed on order and manufacture time is taking around 2 weeks. We are keeping in stock only the most buyed items, more in ABOUT US.

  • Colors of parts can be very often different than in reality for prototype reasons but there sill applies the rules about Standard colors.

  • Original components of the game and card sleeves in photos are only for purpose of presentation and showcase of distribution and they are not part of delivery.

  • This is not an officially licenced product.

  • Declaration of Comformity, Manual and Layout of components can be found on THIS page.
  • Goods are Built to Order and cannot be returned within the statutory 14 day period.
  • Card Sleeves (protects cards against wearing, tearing and also greasy fingers - conserves the value of your game)
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J Avatar of author | 18/03/2024
This is an amazing product. Perfect fit in the box, good quality and basic setup is done in under 30 seconds. The whole process (without automa) might take you 3 minutes. So well thought through, it even reduce table space by some very welcomed degree. Payment and delivery was painless and in time with clear communication. The only 2 downsides I had was: 1. All components has been in the box without separation (I bought more that one insert). So it took some time to sort them out. I would recommend to put them in separate bags instead. 2. The one-pager of how to pack thing up in the box is not very clear. Luckily Kalkared has a very useful Youtube channel, which was very helpful. Not only to get things done, but also to make decision making easy. After watching the video(s) you'll have a clear understanding of what you can expect. All in all a very pleasant experience and I will strongly consider Kalkared for future upgrades.
MV Avatar of author | 14/01/2024
Parádní a krásný insert. Všechno se krásně vejde, včetně obou rozšíření. Výrazně zjednodušuje a zrychluje přípravu hry. Naskládat hru s insertem zpátky do krabice je hračka, netřeba žádný návod, je to zcela intuitivní. Nedovedu si představit tuto hru hrát bez insertu.
HL Avatar of author | 21/12/2023
FIts perfectly in the box. Material is good, has a nice feel and some softness and elasticity, so very good fit for boardgame. Color choice for each faction is very good. Everything fits in place. Very satisfied, recommended.
AC Avatar of author | 27/11/2023
Very satisfied, thank you
LT Avatar of author | 14/07/2023
I was pleasantly surprised with the product. Not only is it a fantastic solution for organizing all the components in a tidy and convenient manner, but it also greatly simplifies the game setup process, reducing both the time it takes and the difficulty for new players. The amount of love and care that went into developing this product is unmatched compared to any other insert I have encountered. It truly demonstrates that the creator has a great understanding of the game and the needs of players, as well as how they would use this product. The payment and delivery process was seamless, with clear and efficient communication. I will definitely consider Kallkared for my future purchases.
PM Avatar of author | 03/07/2023
The insert fits percectly, and is leages above the the other (official) ones. A small complaint: The product is very thin, some might say flimsy. I think thats perfectly fine, it reduces cost, and doesn't need to be thicker. But a demonstration, would greatly improve peoples expectations about it