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Insert for Dune 2019

Supports Ixians & Tleilaxu, CHOAM & Riches and Ecaz & Moritani expansions + colored rings for soldier tokens.

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Brand: Kalkared
31,27 € 25,36 € from 25,36 € 37,83 € incl. VAT 30,69 € incl. VAT from 30,69 € incl. VAT
Category: Inserts for Board Games
? Filament Color: Brown Light (BRWL)
? Netto Weight [g]: 400
? Card Tray [mm]: 68,2 x 93 (Diamond GREEN)
? Box [mm]: 256 x 256 x 59
  • Compatible with Dune (2019).

  • Supports Ixians & Tleilaxu, CHOAM & Riches and Ecaz & Moritani expansions
    • READ THIS!  Insert was made in times when there was only one expansion on market. But there was still space left in the box and we were expecting some new content which was smart choice. Now it fits all three expansions but it is very tight! If you don't sleeve, you will have plenty of space. If you do, never use thicker than recomended here!
  • Supports card sleeves with 80 microns thickness (FFG, Mayday, Diamond, Paladin, Board Game Sleeves, etc.).

  • You can now choose from more option how to order this insert
    • You can choose if the faction boxes are colored
    • You can choose to add soldier token rings
      • This consist of 12 x 22 rings for all 12 factions in game.
        • These rings are made with best intention to fit perfectly on particular expansion. But the tools which made those tokens are not perfect and diameter differes with each print. Please keep in mind that this process can damage your tokens if you want to pull it out off the ring!
  • Insert is made of 16 pieces of trays a boxes.
    • 2 x Main tray for cards
    • 2 x Box for Spice tokens - to be used on a two sides of a table
    • 1 x Box for Battle wheels and common tokens
    • 12 x Box for faction components




  • It is possible to store game vertically with this accesory as long as the lid is tight shut.

  • Material: PETG (is not affected by UV light or embrittlement in time and has higher stiffness unlike usual PLA). Printed with Light brown and Standard color. If you have a special request and want to have your insert in a different color, contact us first please.

  • Most of our products are printed on order and manufacture time is taking around 2 weeks. We are keeping in stock only the most buyed items, more in ABOUT US.

  • Colors of parts can be very often different than in reality for prototype reasons but there sill applies the rules about Standard colors.

  • Original components of the game and card sleeves in photos are only for purpose of presentation and showcase of distribution and they are not part of delivery.

  • This is not an officially licenced product.

  • Declaration of Comformity, Manual and Layout of components can be found on THIS page.
  • Goods are Built to Order and cannot be returned within the statutory 14 day period.
  • Card Sleeves (protects cards against wearing, tearing and also greasy fingers - conserve the value of your game)
    • You will need following number and type of packs available in our store and directly here in Related fold.
      • 2 x Diamond Green: Standard (63,5x88 mm)

Review - Kalkared insert from Jack Reda

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NW Avatar of author | 22/07/2024
The price, with shipping included, is good. The design is good if a bit soft. When the card holders are full with sleeves they bend a bit if you don't hold them steadily when moving them. The only problem was that I sleeved all the cards for all expansions with dragon sleeves, so a bit thicker and sturdier sleeves, and about 20 cards didn't fit in the card holders. That was easily stored in a different way so still a happy customer :)
TP Avatar of author | 13/06/2024
Very satisfied with the product.
PM Avatar of author | 20/03/2024
D Avatar of author | 07/03/2024
Simply the best insert available for the game at the moment. (You can even cut a little hole in the storm token tray to fit an upside down sandworm figurine if you have one.)
J Avatar of author | 28/11/2023
It's great that all the expansions now fit in the same box. I recommend this to everyone!
Avatar of author | 08/09/2022
I agree with previous reviews. A great product to store Dune and both expansions in a single box! Sleeved cards fit in trays. Some adjustments to place plastic pieces, manuals and faction shields altogether: the lid of the box is slightly raised. 5/5
AN Avatar of author | 29/08/2022
Great product! Everything fits well with both existing expansions, with space leftover for two more potential factions. The only issue I came across is the special plastic pieces that came with preorders of the game (the storm, atomic explosion, and worm turn counters) don't fit super well. The atomic piece especially is a bit awkward and pushes up on the manuals, board, and other materials that go on top. Aside from that it's perfect! My one suggestion is if you're going to get the card sleeves, get three, not two. As it is, with two packs, there are only two sleeves leftover with both expansions, so I'd get a third one just to accommodate any additional future expansion.
J Avatar of author | 18/05/2022
Fits like a glove :) With 2 expansions, had to change the placement of the cards in the trays, as the listed arrangement over-filled one after the sleeves were put on them.
NM Avatar of author | 15/04/2022
This is an exceptional insert! Everything fits terrifically in the box, with storage available for a third expansion. Promote production and expedient delivery. I was even able to fit the 3-D miniatures that came with the playmat and my upgraded troop tokens with no issue. Would recommend this to everyone who has the game!
Z Avatar of author | 18/03/2022
I really appreciate a well thought out insert such as this one that saves spaces, helps with setup, and even provides some room for future potential growth. The design and print quality are top notch. I would highly recommend this solution if you're looking for big improvement on what comes in the Dune box. Excited to see which inserts Kalkared design next!