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Insert for Catan Expansions

Supports expansions Treasures, Dragons and Adventurers, Traders and Barbarians (+6 players) and Explorers and Pirates (+6 players).

Build to Order
Code: 953E
Brand: Kalkared
47,13 € 38,95 € excl. VAT
Category: Inserts for Board Games
Weight: 0.8 kg
? Filament Color: Blue Dark (BLUD), Ember (MBR), Gray Light (GRYL), Purple (PRPL)
? Netto Weight [g]: 570
? Card Tray [mm]: 49,5 x 72 (Diamond Azure)
? Box [mm]: 289 x 289 x 70
  • Compatible with expansions for Settlers of Catan - plastic edition

  • Supports Treasures, Dragons and Adventurers, Traders and Barbarians (+6 players) and Explorers and Pirates (+6 players)
  • Insert is compatible with cards sized 45x68 mm. Insert does NOT support cards sized 54x80 mm!
  • Careful: Game is made in two distinct versions of cardboard hexes. Make sure you have at least half of these tiles in thickens of 1,3mm at maximum and second half with 2,3mm (Yes, game is made in several options and it is based on year when you bought it). If you have all the tiles in thicker version, you might have big issue to fit all tiles in this insert!
  • Second Careful: If you own all mentioned expansions, they will not fit into the box without raised lid. There are many tiles which are simply duplicate of each other from other expansions and you can simply separate them and store only those needed.
  • Supports card sleeves with 80 microns thickness (FFG, Mayday, Diamond, Paladin, Board Game Sleeves, etc.).

  • Insert is made of 21 pieces of trays and boxes:
    • 6 x Box for player components
    • 3 x Box for Camels, Barbarians and Fishermen
    • 1 x Tray for goods, coins 1 and 5, dice and traders
    • 1 x Box for Cities and canals from Dragons
    • 2 x Tray for hexagon tiles
    • 2 x Box for spices
    • 1 x Box for Dragon and Treasure tokens
    • 1 x Box for coins 1 and 3
    • 3 x Common box for tiles, helps, etc.
    • 1 x Tray for event and traders cards


  • It is possible to store game vertically with this accesory as long as the lid is tight shut. If you miss some expansions, you might need to fill the gap with some other fillings.

  • Material: PETG (is not affected by UV light or embrittlement in time and has higher stiffness unlike usual PLA). Printed with Multiple colors. If you have a special request and want to have your insert in a different color, contact us first please.

  • Most of our products are printed on order and manufacture time is taking around 2 weeks. We are keeping in stock only the most buyed items, more in ABOUT US.

  • Colors of parts can be very often different than in reality for prototype reasons but there sill applies the rules about Standard colors.

  • Original components of the game and card sleeves in photos are only for purpose of presentation and showcase of distribution and they are not part of delivery.

  • This is not an officially licenced product.

  • Declaration of Comformity, Manual and Layout of components can be found on THIS page.
  • Goods are Built to Order and cannot be returned within the statutory 14 day period.
  • Card Sleeves (protects cards against wearing, tearing and also greasy fingers - conserve the value of your game)
    • If you own all previously mentioned expansions you will need following number and type of packs available in our store and directly here in Related fold.
      • 2 x Diamond Azure: European Mini (45x68 mm)
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AE Avatar of author | 15/09/2023
Really nice product with a great design. I especially like the fact that you can fit 3 expansions in one box, and the colors make it eays to see which part belong to which.
LR Avatar of author | 31/03/2023
ako vždy super premyslené rozloženie. Kvalita vynikajuca Odporučam