Curent manufacture line approximately 4 weeks long!

Shipping to the UK and VAT

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Dear All,

as many of you noticed we cancelled shipping to United Kingdom for now. We discovered some issues with the VAT as United Kingdom is due to the Brexit a very special country to the rest of the world and we still have to cover VAT instead of you. That means that we will still have to charge you 20% of VAT which then we have to pay to your goverment through the delivery company in the UK (Royal Post 48).
For now, if we want to open orders for you, the most simple way is to open orders only higher than 135£ worth of the products.

We will also have to contact all of the previous customers with all the UK orders affected by this starting with the end of a January and ask you to help us to cover the VAT payment which we did not accounted in your orders. Please have a mercy with us as we had no idea this can happen. You would have to pay this VAT anyway, it would only be with the import duties while you just got the package directly in your hands.


Thank you for your understanding.